Compressed Air

Since 2003, Baker Group has been the leading compressed air solutions provider for industrial clients across the Midwest. We serve a broad spectrum of industries including food and beverage, health care, manufacturing, agriculture, and petro chemical. Our compressed air team has the knowledge and resources to help you succeed.

Capabilities include:

  • Efficiency Audit Studies
  • Design Build & System Sizing
  • System Analyses/ Trouble Shooting
  • Compressor Controls/Data Collection

Compressed Air Systems

Transair's patented, push-connect and quick-connect, reusable fittings, combined with extruded aluminum tubing, provide unmatched versatility and ease of installation and modification. Total cost of installation is usually less than conventional steel piping thanks to significant labor savings. Plus, air delivery is cleaner and more efficient, corrosion is eliminated, and leakage is non-existent (allowing some of our customers to downsize or shut down compressors).  Available pipe sizes now range from ½" to 6" diameter.

Baker Group is the Midwest distributor and the second largest Transair Compressed Air Piping distributor in the United States, stocking one of the largest inventories outside of Transair itself. Our central location and large Transair inventory allow quick product shipment anywhere in the nation.

AIRpipe’s unique system is designed to ensure users’ air quality, improve environment, reduce energy costs, and prolong the lifespan of equipment and tooling.  The unique grab ring design and lugged ring allows for zero risk of disconnection and leaks, while the metal clamshell connectors for all diameters are stronger and more rigid versus polymer fittings.  The high grade aluminum pipe resists corrosion, vibration, thermal variation in outdoor weather conditions and can be supplied in single 20 ft. lengths available from ¾” to 8” diameter.

As AIRPipe’s leading distributor, Baker Group is pleased to provide their patented active concentric seals that provide leak free performance, even in high vibration applications.

Engineered for superior performance, AQUApipe is the complete stainless steel piping system for process fluids and gases. Continuing with their concentric seals, the clamshell connection for quick install and re-assembly is offered in 5” through 10” diameters.  In the smaller sizes (1/2” to 4") quick-press installation is used, reducing labor and contain built-in sealing options. The AQUApipe system is viable in numerous industrial and commercial applications.

For a brief overview of the numerous advantages offered by Transair piping, AIRpipe and AQUApipe click on the links below. Product or Dealer inquiries should be directed to or by calling 855.262.4000 and ask for Compressed Air.

Product Resources:

Compressors & Dryers

Baker Group is the Iowa distributor for FS Curtis and Chicago Pneumatic air compressors, dryers and air treatment equipment as well as Powerex medical grade compressors and vacuum pumps. With these leading manufacturers, Baker Group offers a full range of compressors up to 500 horsepower as well as comprehensive air treatment equipment.

Baker Group also provides on-site service for your Compressed Air system equipment.

Accessory Equipment

Accessory equipment available from Baker Group for compressed air systems includes the following:

  • Refrigerated and Dessicant dryers
  • FS Curtis , Pneumatech and Hankison filters, including
    • Coalescing
    • Particulate
    • High-efficiency coalescing
    • Active carbon
  • Automatic electronic no-loss condensate drains
  • Oil-water separators
  • Intermediate control demand valves (flow controllers)
  • Silvan and Manchester Tank compressed air receivers including:
    • Standard and customized tank capacities
    • Vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Reelcraft and COXREEL hose reels, cord reels and cable reels
  • Sequence controller system assessment

Compressed Air Efficiency Audits

Baker Group is pleased to offer professional compressed air efficiency audits. Our team of professionals provide:

  • Audits, assessment and trouble shooting
  • Identify energy and cost savings
  • Ultrasonic air leak inspections
  • Complete comprehensive plan of action

Compressed air is expensive! The last thing you want is to throw, “AIR” out the window. Contact Baker Group today and learn how we can save you money.