Job Site Safety

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Safety is part of Baker Group’s culture.

As one of the Midwest’s largest full-service specialty contractors, safety is our top priority. Baker Group is committed to communication, education and follow-through at all levels of the safety process. Our goal is to provide the tools for a productive, healthy, accident-free environment. We want everyone to get home safely.

Baker Group's Safety Team was formed to provide in-house safety audits and training. Baker Group also utilizes professional safety consultants to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of our environment. Through communication, careful planning, training and company-wide involvement, we achieve effective project delivery with a safe work environment for the entire project team.

Safety is critical to the success of our people, our clients and our projects. Our safety program ensures each team member can identify and correct unsafe conditions or work practices for everyone on the job site. In fact, our EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of .59 is 41% better than average specialty contractors.

Click here to review a copy of Baker Group's Safety manual.

For more information about our safety program, contact Tracy Haus or call 515.299.4024.