Facility Maintenance and Operations


A comfortable, productive and safe workplace is essential to the success of your organization. Call Baker Group 24/7/365 for emergency services in your commercial, industrial, or institutional facility. Or better yet, ask us to develop a Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Program to extend your equipment life, reduce energy cost and minimize your downtime risk. Our Special Projects team is also capable of designing and installing new equipment, or retrofitting existing systems.

Choose Baker Group, to experience reduced operating costs, increased personnel productivity, improved comfort and safety, reduced equipment downtime, lower utility costs, reduced carbon footprint and a higher quality workplace environment.

Sustainable Workplace Solutions wheel diagram

Our facility maintenance and operations services include:

  • Emergency Service 24-7-365

    Customers appreciate Baker Group’s exceptionally fast and efficient customer service. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. Learn More
  • Service Agreements

    The main reason to invest in a building is to improve the productivity of your staff, and to protect the products of your work. Learn More
  • Remodel/Retrofit

    Baker Group provides remodel/retrofit services for most any project type. We have successfully completed many projects in Des Moines and throughout the Midwest. Learn More
  • ENERGY STAR Certification

    “Going green” has become a way of thinking that many individuals, businesses, and institutions have adopted. Learn More
  • Infrared Thermography

    Baker Group utilizes high-tech infrared thermography to identify potential issues before they turn into actual problems. Learn More
  • Vibration Analysis

    Key to any Predictive Maintenance program is the practice of periodic Vibration Analysis on your critical rotating equipment. Learn More
  • Repair Parts

    Baker Group takes pride in offering a wide variety of services. One of those services is being a single source provider of parts from many original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Learn More