Baker Group's rich history of successfully executing Industrial projects continues after over a half of century. Our early years of being a major provider of construction services to the areas coal generating plants, provided the experience and knowledge required to expand into the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Petro/Chemical, Agricultural and Food and Beverage sectors of the industry.

Having evolved from solely being a provider of field construction services, Baker Group also provides engineering, detailing, 3D scanning and modeling, construction management, and fabrication, allowing us to assist our clients from conception to completion.

Industrial Services
  • Project Management

    At Baker Group, Project Management means more than simply executing to the requirements of our contractual obligation. Learn More
  • Pre-Construction Services

    Baker Group takes Pre-Construction Services beyond simply supporting an Owner during the planning stage of a project.Learn More
  • Industrial Automation

    Baker Group leads the way to true integrated systems: process controls, temperature controls, energy management, and data center infrastructure management systems. Learn More
  • Quality

    Baker Group QA/QC managers work directly with our employees to ensure that each employee understands his or her quality responsibility as well as our quality policies to achieve our objective.Learn More
  • Field Construction Services

    Baker Group’s large resources of highly skilled and trained field construction personnel work closely within the project team to help ensure our owners receive the value promised within the constraints of schedule and budget without sacrificing quality or safety. Learn More
  • Experience

    From high-profile commercial office and mission-critical facilities to educational and retail buildings, Baker Group’s portfolio demonstrates our commitment to serve clients exceedingly well. Since 1963, that steadfast commitment has stimulated a steady expansion of our services.Learn More