From high-profile commercial office and mission-critical facilities to educational and retail buildings, Baker Group’s portfolio demonstrates our commitment to serve clients exceedingly well. Since 1963, that steadfast commitment has stimulated a steady expansion of our services.

Today Baker Group is a recognized leader in applying sophisticated technology and green/sustainable design to construction processes.

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Portfolio of Work

  • Mission Critical Capabilities

    Since Baker Group entered the mission critical market more than two decades ago, it has completed dozens of highly complex data center... Learn More

  • Client A

    Baker Group provided custom HVAC and security designs for this 10,000 square foot data center. Built around a highly redundant private... Learn More

  • Client B

    Primary Data Center - High Density Server Farm UpgradeWhat do you do when you designed your data center for 73 watts per square foot and... Learn More

  • Client C

    As part of Client C’s restructuring of their information systems, they decided to reduce their computer centers from 100 down to four... Learn More

  • Client C

    In 2009 Client C asked Baker Group to retrofit an existing office building into a combination office and data center space. Three years... Learn More

  • Client C

    This project is the latest in an ongoing series of projects with Client C and Client C’s Contractor.  For the past five years Baker... Learn More

  • Client D

    Primary Data Center - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Dashboard
    Maintaining high reliability in a rapidly changing... Learn More

  • Client E

    This project was spurred by a need to make the electrical system more reliable and minimize the risk of unplanned downtime inside the... Learn More