Saydel Community School District

Project Information

  • Owner

    Saydel Community School District

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

  • Engineer

    Twin Rivers Engineering

  • Square Footage

    350,000 in all four buildings

  • Baker Group Scope

    Project Cost - $5,000,000

  • Year Completed


Saydel Community School District worked with Baker Group to add air-conditioning to all four Saydel Schools in the district, plus an update to the Schneider/TAC Building Automation System.

It was critical that the identity of all existing equipment and capabilities were made prior to the design stage. This was done in order to determine what equipment was already providing air-conditioning, what equipment was at the end of its life expectancy, what needed to be changed, and what areas of the facilities had to have all new equipment installed.

By utilizing Baker Group’s Construction Management services, the District was able to have not only our expertise on site daily to manage and direct all construction efforts, but to also have Baker Group in their corner as Owner’s Representative when making critical decisions throughout the process.

Baker Group was involved from "Concept" to "Completion" with the three phases of the Facility Improvement Master Plan program, which helped keep continuity in the project. Actual construction was supervised by the Baker Group Construction Management team which included a Project Manager and Site Foreman. The competitive bid process required by Iowa law was followed and multiple prime contracts from the various contracting specialties provided direct bids to the owners; which were supervised by Baker Group.

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