K-12 Education

Baker Group’s education experience encompasses many public and private K-12 facilities. High-performance green sustainable design can be effectively applied to new or existing facilities, creating improved indoor air quality, student comfort, and enhanced learning environments. HVAC systems, including geo-thermal well fields, help to minimize operating costs by conserving energy. Adding Building Automation Systems (BAS) helps to control temperature, humidity and ventilation at optimal levels. Access control and CCTV/Digital Recording helps to keep students and staff safe and secure.

Our Facility Improvement Master Planning process has been used by many school districts to develop a road map to return aging facilities to productive learning environments. Please view the projects below to learn more about our successful K-12 education projects.

  • Des Moines Christian School Center for Excellence

    Absolute Reliability:  Educational institutions have special needs. Baker Group is paying special attention to these needs throughout... Learn More

  • Cedar Rapids Community School District Building Systems Integration & Energy Improvement

    The Cedar Rapids Community School District had been told it wasn’t possible to have a single, district-wide platform that would reduce... Learn More

  • Saydel Community School District

    Saydel Community School District worked with Baker Group to add air-conditioning to all four Saydel Schools in the district, plus an... Learn More

  • East High School Renovation

    Baker Group completed a major mechanical construction project at East High School in 2005.

    Learn More
  • Pleasantville Community School District

    Baker Group evaluated the mechanical systems, prepared budgets for implementation costs, and worked with the design team to finalize... Learn More

  • Mid-Prairie Community School District

    Commissioned as the construction manager, Baker Group provided complete renovation and upgrade of the HVAC system, a remodel of the lab... Learn More