Pleasantville Community School District

Project Information

  • Owner

    Pleasantville Community School District

  • Location

    Pleasantville, IA

  • Engineer


  • Square Footage


  • Year Completed


The Pleasantville Community School District utilized Baker Group’s Facility Improvement Master Plan process to completely renovate the HVAC system in their elementary school building.  Baker Group evaluated the mechanical systems, prepared budgets for implementation costs, and worked with the design team to finalize project scope.  Baker Group’s construction management services were utilized to supervise the implementation of this renovation project.

Critical to the client was Baker Group’s evaluation of various design options to solve the HVAC issues in this facility, and to reuse as much of the existing infrastructure as possible.  The main objective of this project was to improve the reliability of the HVAC system while providing the best learning environment possible for the students, teachers and staff of the district.

The newly installed system is complete with two stage heat pumps, for better control of temperature and humidity in the classrooms, new fluid cooler for the heat pump loop, and a new Roof Top Unit providing heating and air-conditioning to the gym.  Baker Group also provided a Building Automation System upgrade, and minor electrical upgrades as needed for the system.

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