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Client E’s data center facility was originally built in 2002.  Baker Group provided additional cooling in 2009 to provide backup capacity; however, the electrical system was not upgraded at that time.  This project was spurred by a need to make the electrical system more reliable and minimize the risk of unplanned downtime inside the data center.  Baker Group designed cooling systems to support the new electrical upgrades.  

Baker Group designed and installed chilled water piping off the main supply loop to serve CRAC units in the new electrical and static switch rooms.  Plumbing, HVAC, temperature control systems were designed and installed for the new battery storage room, security addition, and dock addition.  Also, additional capacity was added to the high density storage area on the data room floor.  Three high density Liebert units and 24 in-row cooling units were installed.

The number one priority and challenge on this project was to prevent any planned or unplanned downtime to the data center during the renovation project.  This required careful collaboration between all team members from the start of construction through final commissioning.  The Baker Group team clearly communicated all activities by preparing detailed “Methods And Procedure” (MAP’s) documents for all activities. 

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