Mission Critical

Mission critical facilities such as data centers, server rooms, command centers, or 24-hour call centers are necessary to keep your business up and running. Every component is critical — because failure is not an option. Baker Group is a leader in providing high-tech solutions necessary to keep up with the technical demands, and complexities associated with the constant evolution of critical systems technology.

Our team of qualified engineers and project managers understand this, and use their expertise to create a facility that has the high availability, high reliability infrastructure you need, such as:

  • Redundant critical cooling systems
  • Access control, cameras and digital recording for high level security
  • IT Network-based performance dashboard

Baker Group serves the Mission Critical needs for many clients. Listed below are several examples, with specific project details. For confidentiality, the owner’s names have been removed. If you would like an in-depth conversation about our services and experience, please contact Gary Bridgewater.

  • Mission Critical Capabilities

    Since Baker Group entered the mission critical market more than two decades ago, it has completed dozens of highly complex data center... Learn More

  • Client A

    Baker Group provided custom HVAC and security designs for this 10,000 square foot data center. Built around a highly redundant private... Learn More

  • Client B

    Primary Data Center - High Density Server Farm UpgradeWhat do you do when you designed your data center for 73 watts per square foot and... Learn More

  • Client C

    As part of Client C’s restructuring of their information systems, they decided to reduce their computer centers from 100 down to four... Learn More

  • Client C

    In 2009 Client C asked Baker Group to retrofit an existing office building into a combination office and data center space. Three years... Learn More

  • Client C

    This project is the latest in an ongoing series of projects with Client C and Client C’s Contractor.  For the past five years Baker... Learn More

  • Client D

    Primary Data Center - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Dashboard
    Maintaining high reliability in a rapidly changing... Learn More

  • Client E

    This project was spurred by a need to make the electrical system more reliable and minimize the risk of unplanned downtime inside the... Learn More