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Delivering Technologies to Support the Evolving Workplace


The recently released JLL Future of Work Survey 2022, assembled by JLL Global Research and JLL Technologies, details the rapidly evolving future of work. The report hammers home the point that strictly in-person work is now in the minority, with just 11% of employers completely forgoing hybrid work, leaving employers in uncertain territory with a seemingly unending stream of questions about which tools are needed to nourish a thriving hybrid environment. 

As part of the survey summary, JLL Technologies released an infographic detailing the top 10 technologies being adopted to anchor the future of work. The infographic caught our eye as Baker Group has unique expertise in facilitating the installation and/or maintenance of most of the top 10 technologies. 

“We have invested in building expertise in the deployment of technologies that make sense in this evolving work environment,” says Blake Brown, CISSP, Director of Information Technology at Baker Group. “Efficiency is at a premium in today’s workplace. We are proud to offer a team with in-depth knowledge about a variety of technologies that have demonstrably helped employers reduce waste while positively impacting the bottom line.” 

Specifically, our Facility Maintenance and Operations team can help organizations with these technologies: 

  • Workplace Experience Apps: In an increasingly digitized workplace, employees seek a streamlined way to engage with their surroundings. We have specialized knowledge of workplace experience apps that allow employees in virtually any industry to interact with their environment through a single platform. The bonus with these apps is that they enable employers to provide and collect feedback from employees seamlessly. 
  • CRE (Corporate Real Estate) Data Warehouse: These technologies facilitate the process of organizing the voluminous amount of data produced in today’s workplace. Our team is skilled in building and maintaining a data warehouse that offers a real-time view of the operational efficiency of a building. These business intelligence (BI) tools have the potential to increase efficiency while reducing waste significantly. 
  • Touchless Access: While the unique issues that came with the pandemic have eased; health, safety and convenience in the workplace remain a high priority. Baker Group offers an array of touchless access technologies that provide health benefits by reducing the potential exposure to viruses and more. 
  • Sustainability and Environmental Control: These tools make use of CRE data to identify opportunities for reductions in energy use and material waste. The Baker Group team is skilled in deploying sustainable solutions that are easy to understand and provide real-cost savings. 
  • Predictive Facility Maintenance: The bane of any building is downtime. Employing predictive maintenance tools provided by Baker Group help identify potential failures before they occur, this ensures critical facility assets won’t break down when you need them most. 
  • Occupancy and Environment Sensors: Baker Group has unique expertise in installing and maintaining occupancy and environment sensors to gain insight into when and how different areas of your facility are being used. This can lead to a more effective use of your facility assets.  The knowledge that is gained can be used to improve the productivity of your staff. 

“We regularly hear from our clients that an investment in these technologies have more than paid for themselves in increased energy efficiency, reduced waste, and improved team productivity” says Brandon Hummel, LEED AP, Vice President of Development. “As the workplace continues to evolve, we are committed to providing the skills, knowledge and access to the technologies our clients want and need.”

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