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Technologies Offer Safer, More Secure Paths for Businesses

Technologies Offer Safer, More Secure Paths for Businesses

A wave of technologies, new and existing, that supports a more touchless workplace is expected to be a significant outcome of challenges businesses are facing in 2020, according to Jon Jackson, Vice President, Technology Business Unit.

The coronavirus pandemic this year will shape a future that provides healthy environments and security for employees and customers. “Our clients have asked us to find solutions to ensure safety as they move back into their buildings, and we have done that,” he notes.

Baker Group has installed cameras and card access systems for customers for a long time. Some of them contain features that apply now or can be upgraded to meet today’s needs. Jackson says many complementary solutions are available as well.

Some options include innovations in automatic temperature scans, facial recognition identification and remote building access ID controls.

“We have put time, attention and people on our drive to find the best of the new technologies and maximize existing ones for our customers to help them improve health and security in their facilities,” he says, thereby improving confidence of both employees and customers in safely re-opening and continuing to operate businesses.

Baker Group has done the research, selected topline companies and is ready for the increased demand Jackson sees coming. Favored hands-free technologies include:

  • Temperature scanning programs that automatically register body temperatures as people enter a space.
  • Facial recognition software.
  • Access control systems for traffic flows via entry doors or in parking facilities.  

In addition to primary safety and security benefits, companies can realize efficiencies through these technologies, especially in this time of the coronavirus and into future situations. With temperature scans, for example, a business doesn’t have to assign staff to do these individually by hand.  If access or facial recognition programs are operating, it is unnecessary to position staff to admit employees into facilities or areas of operation.

“I would say every scenario is different and how these technologies fit is highly customizable to the needs of our customers,” Jackson says. He sees many industries benefiting from hands-free technologies: processors, manufacturers, data centers, health care facilities, utilities, business facility campuses, schools and higher education institutions. “Really every vertical market,” he adds.

He also predicts innovation will continue at a rapid pace. “On March 30, 2020, there were two or three cameras on the market that took body temperatures. Now there are more than 10.”

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