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The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Everyday Baker Group Customers benefit from high-quality preventive maintenance. Much of the benefit of preventive maintenance is the "prevention" part - meaning if you do it, bad things won't happen to your equipment. But how do you calculate the cost-benefit of something that may or may not happen? Consequences vary wildly by customer, industry, time of year and type of problem.

The three main benefits of preventive maintenance are: 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Dirty, clogged equipment has to work harder and longer to create the same amount of heat or cooling. Industry guidelines for savings from preventive maintenance include: cleaning coils (5% to 15% energy savings), changing filters (10% to 15% energy savings), realigning belts (8% to 10% energy savings), tuning burner efficiency (12% to 15% energy savings), and operating sequence adjustments (20% to 25% energy savings). Source U.S. Department of Energy

Reduced Downtime = Increased Productivity

Spend a little...save a lot. Testing equipment during maintenance often catches equipment problems before they cause noticeable malfunction or damage.

Equipment Longevity

A machine not properly maintained has a shorter life expectancy, which leads to early equipment replacement or frequent component change-outs. Customers who use Baker Group for preventive maintenance typically realize a 20% longer equipment life.

Baker Group wants to be an extension of your business by helping you reduce your TOTAL annual operating costs.

If you are interested in learning more about our preventive maintenance program, tailored to meet your facility needs, contact Dale Drent and Expect the Best. 

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Baker Group was recognized by readers of the Des Moines Business Record for best Mechanical Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Security Company and Best Company to Work For in 2023.

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Best of Business Record Award

For a seventh consecutive year, Baker Group was recognized by the Des Moines Register as one of the Top Workplaces in the state.