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Be Aware of Heat Stress

Be Aware of Heat Stress

You probably have thought about it this summer, and this past month has been a big reminder. Summers in Iowa get HOT! In our line of work, we spend a lot of time, or manage those that do, in high temperatures. Heat [from weather] isn't always looked at as a safety hazard as much as just an uncomfortable work condition. We joke and think, "Wow, going to be a hot one today", but we often do not see the actual effect it has on our bodies. Heat exhaustion is a relatively common reaction to severe heat and can include symptoms such as dizziness, headache and fainting. It can usually be treated with rest, a cool environment and hydration (including refueling of electrolytes, which are necessary for muscle and other body functions). Heat stroke is more severe and requires medical attention. It is often accompanied by dry skin, a body temperature above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, confusion and sometimes unconsciousness.

Just as you would check your phone for severe storms, the Baker Group Safety Team encourages you to check for, and be aware of the heat hazards you or those you manage face. The common weather apps do a great job of informing you of heat advisories, but OSHA provides an app with a bit more detail. With the OSHA Heat Safety Tool App, you can assess the risk of heat illness at your exact location. The app will also give you preventative measures to take, as well as first aid information.

At Baker Group we believe working safely is critical to the success of our people, our clients and our projects.  For information about safety, and working safely in various conditions, please contact our Safety Team.

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Baker Group was recognized by readers of the Des Moines Business Record for best Mechanical Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Security Company and Best Company to Work For in 2023.

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Best of Business Record Award

For a seventh consecutive year, Baker Group was recognized by the Des Moines Register as one of the Top Workplaces in the state.