Baker Group provides remodel/retrofit services for most any project type. We have successfully completed many projects in Des Moines and throughout the Midwest. Most notable are our major mechanical renovations for Terrace Hill, Hoyt Sherman Place, Liberty Hyatt, Westminster Presbyterian Church, and numerous hospitals and institutional remodel projects. Performing work in historic buildings poses big challenges for mechanical contractors. Important factors to a successful project include the following:

  • Finding solutions in limited ceiling space and small mechanical rooms
  • Maintaining occupancy during phased construction takes careful planning
  • Administering hot work permits is crucial for fire safety
  • Using air scrubbers for dust control
  • Temporary heating and cooling to maintain the facility and occupants

Overall, it requires “out of the box” thinking for design and installation, to mesh with existing mechanical, architectural, and structural features of the building. It requires careful planning, continuous coordination with the owner, and a team of professionals committed to a successful project. Baker Group has a proven track record meeting those requirements.

Let Baker Group’s experienced team provide an outstanding project. Contact Dale Drent for details.