Quad City International Airport - Phase I

Project Information

  • Owner

    Quad City International Airport

  • Location

    Moline, IL

  • General Contractor

    Baker Group

  • Engineer


  • Square Footage


  • Baker Group Scope


  • Year Completed


To enhance travelers’ overall safety at Quad Cities International Airport, Baker Group Security was selected to upgrade and expand the airport’s access control system and security technology systems.

When completed, this highly sophisticated surveillance system will extend from the airport’s perimeter to multiple standalone buildings and terminal infrastructure. Three Baker Group business units (Electric, Security and HVAC) work side by side to provide turnkey coordination and delivery of:   

  • Fiber optic infrastructure system upgrade.
  • All security software programming.
  • Wide-area surveillance supported by 90 newly installed cameras.
  • Hundreds of other security devices at gates, secured doors and other public access areas.
  • Cooling where needed in technology distribution rooms.

Continuous security coverage
Mark Ohlinger, a project manager with Baker Group, says, “Adding to the project’s complexity, the existing security and access control system must remain operational while we onboard the new system. For example, as we replace equipment at one doorway, we must also convert data and software – so that door will operate on one security system in the morning and be switched to the new system at day’s end. We work closely with the TSA and airport security to orchestrate the entire changeover in a way that is seamless.”  

Streamlining resources for on-time, on-budget results
Throughout this project, Quad City International Airport personnel work with just one Baker Group project manager, who coordinates all resources, simplifies the process and helps assure it is completed on time and on budget. Extra precautions are being taken to prevent unanticipated problems. For example, Baker Group is using a demonstration camera to help the design team and airport security representatives evaluate camera coverage and resolution prior to installation. This ensures that each camera meets quality needs and is placed correctly the first time.

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