Parking Ramp

Project Information

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

  • Architect

    Substance Architecture

  • General Contractor

    The Weitz Company

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Square Footage


  • Baker Group Scope


Structurally, this six-story ramp will connect the 801 Grand high-rise building, to other downtown businesses via a skywalk system.  Visually, it will stand out with consistent architecture, attractive landscaping and street-level retail space.

Baker Group, which has extensive experience with large, post-tensioned parking ramps, is providing mechanical infrastructure design, preconstruction/building information modeling, prefabrication, HVAC, sheet metal, plumbing and piping, among other services.

Just-in-Time Delivery of Equipment & Materials

Due to downtown congestion, there’s no extra space for storing equipment and materials. “We pay very close attention to the schedule and sequencing of work,” says Mike Norris, Baker Group Project Manager. Careful planning and coordination with Weitz ensures just-in-time arrival of equipment and materials that Baker Group will need to install:

  • Storm system with a 4,200-square-foot underground storm detention system
  • Sanitary ramp drainage system with a sand interceptor
  • Grease sanitary system for future restaurant tenants
  • Water service and distribution
  • Natural gas system for 10 rooftop unit HVAC units
  • HVAC Controls

Baker Group is also restoring local public storm structures and is developing several options for a low-maintenance, fully automated Parking Access Revenue Control (PARC) system.

Planning for Winter Construction Challenges

Construction of this Parking Ramp will continue without interruption this winter.  “The structure is 100 percent poured in place, which is tricky in the winter,” Norris says.  “To cure concrete, we must maintain warm temperatures at the site.”

Baker Group will heat the newly poured concrete slabs from underneath by running temporary gas mains throughout the structure and by installing multiple 1,000,000 BTU heaters on the site.

 “It takes a great deal of collaboration to overcome things like space limitations and winter challenges – but Baker Group accurately includes all job requirements right in the schedule,” Norris says.

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