Grace United Methodist Church

Project Information

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

  • Architect

    Wetherell Ericsson Leusink

  • General Contractor

    Brieholz Construction

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Square Footage


  • Baker Group Scope


  • Year Completed


Grace United Methodist Church had indoor air quality problems.  Mold and mildew from their heating and air-conditioning systems had been concerning them for some time.  When it came to solving the problem they turned to Baker Group.

Baker Group, in coordination with Architect John Leusink and General Contractor Breiholz Construction, designed a cost effective improvement that included replacing a multi-zone air handling unit with individual gas-fired blowers with D/X cooling for improved comfort.  Plus replacing an old boiler and modifying the existing sanctuary air handling unit to include hot water heating coils and dampers with state-of-the-art digital controls for energy efficiency.  In addition, trench drains and floor drains were added to manage the ground water infiltration in the basement boiler room/mechanical room.  Baker Group continues to serve the needs of Grace United Methodist Church.

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