DuPont Pioneer Reid "E" Laboratory

Project Information

  • Owner

    DuPont Pioneer

  • Location

    Johnston, IA

  • Architect

    Brooks Borg Skiles Architecture Engineering

  • General Contractor

    The Weitz Company

  • Engineer

    Baker Group

  • Square Footage


  • Baker Group Scope

    Mechanical Cost - $5,500,000

  • Year Completed


DuPont Pioneer needed a 21st century laboratory space that included cold rooms, culture rooms, and entomology rooms. This need was satisfied by building the Reid "E" Laboratory/Office Building which also included highly flexible office space to support the laboratories. Baker Group design engineers thought outside the box for design of the innovative environmental chambers. A central chiller plant was also installed to support existing and future laboratory buildings. Features of the facility's mechanical systems include:

Custom Environmental Chamber

  • Entomology Area
  • Rear Rooms (55 degrees F night, 85 degrees F day)
  • Cage Rooms (80 - 85 degrees F @ 100% R.H.)
  • Hatching Room (55 degrees F)
  • Cold Rooms - 4 degree C room plus/minus¬† 1¬† degree C anywhere
  • Light Culture Rooms - 26 degrees C plus/minus 1 degree C anywhere
  • Dark Culture Rooms - 26 degree C plus/minus 1 degree C anywhere
  • Centralized low temperature process cooling plant
  • Integrate temperature control with BAS system
  • 30% savings compared to traditional environmental chamber designs

Piping Systems

  • Natural gas, compressed air and vacuum gases piped to each laboratory and fume hoods
  • Continuously available condenser water system
  • Chilled water plant combining chillers from three separate buildings
  • Low temperature chilled water
  • D. I. and R. O. Systems

Heat Recovery

  • Air to water system - provides a 30% reduction in heating energy

Air Handling System

  • Single pass system
  • Three stages of filtration
  • Reclaim, heating and chilled water coils
  • Steam humidification

Exhaust Air System

  • Strobic exhaust fans
  • S. S. duct construction
  • Fume hood VAV control, continuous monitoring of face velocity
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