Des Moines University Security System Upgrade

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  • Owner

    Des Moines University

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

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Des Moines University’s aging security system was having operational issues, prompting the osteopathic medical school to solicit proposals for upgrades to its access control system. Before putting together the proposal, Baker Group’s Security team conducted a comprehensive survey of the campus’s security systems.

“This revealed a number of security vulnerabilities, such as in how card readers were controlling doors and who had access to various areas,” says Lou Kelleher, a Baker Group Project Manager. “In addition to upgrading DMU’s access control system, we recommended refining access control parameters and installing more access control readers to better protect people, property and other assets,” he says.

Enterprise Platform Leverages Existing Cameras
The Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) enterprise platform was selected for its extensive access, video and intrusion event and alarm management, open architecture and access data. “This platform integrates seamlessly with DMU’s existing Avigilon Control Center (ACC) IP video surveillance system doesn’t require installing a server or client software, costly client licensing, software licensing or software and support agreements,” says Kelleher.

By using Baker Group’s own electricians for the cable pulls, overall planning and coordination of trades was not only smooth but also resulted in cost savings for DMU.

Redefining Access Parameters, One Entry at a Time
Based on the site survey, Baker Group’s solution included redefining access control parameters. In some cases, previously unsecured doors received card readers. Clusters of doors previously controlled by one reader were reconfigured to single-use access only. Baker Group also used a FluidMesh wireless ethernet bridge to connect a remote vehicle gate to the system, which now operates with card access.

In those instances, “DMU relied on Baker Group for our expertise. The result is DMU now has much more control on who can access the various areas on campus,” says Kelleher.

Kelleher adds, “Our ‘Expect the Best’ mentality gave DMU excellence in engineering, craftsmanship and followthrough. Beyond receiving a top-notch security upgrade that’s easy to use, DMU subsequently also contracted Baker Group for additional surveillance cameras. We now provide the security systems for the entire campus.”

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