Des Moines Parks & Rec Cloud-Based Security

Project Information

  • Owner

    City of Des Moines

  • Location

    Des Moines, IA

  • Year Completed


With no security systems in place, Des Moines’ three sports complexes and five aquatic centers had been the target of frequent vandalism, which proved costly for the City of Des Moines. To reduce the number of incidents and increase overall security, Baker Group Security provided complete materials and installation of 32 cloud-based high-definition (HD) cameras, cellular transmission units and network connectivity at all buildings, concession stands and maintenance facilities.

“In the first year, projections indicate that the reduction of vandalism will pay for the cost of the cameras,” says Doug Ruschill, a Project Manager with Baker Group.

Two Projects, One Camera Solution
The three sports complexes – Cownie Soccer, Des Moines Softball and Cownie Baseball – and four aquatics centers were equipped with the same type of HD cameras inside and outside the facilities. These provide round-the-clock recording locally onto their own SD card.

Additionally, “When a camera is armed and a person comes into view, it instantly sends a 10-second HD video clip to both the cloud and Parks and Rec staff via text message or email,” says Ruschill. If the activity appears suspicious, staff can then alert and send video clips to law enforcement.

Two Cloud-Based Solutions: One Uses Internet, One Uses Cellular
Cameras for both the sports complexes and aquatic solutions use cloud-based video storage, which provides 24/7 access from anywhere, scalability, and exceptional security, privacy and compliance. “There’s also no need for an on-site server. That saves money and eliminates having to install updates, patches, antivirus software and so on,” Ruschill says.

While the aquatics centers have internet access typically required to communicate with the cloud, the sports complexes do not. “What’s unique about our solution is that the cameras installed at the sports complexes are equipped with the technology to communicate via cellular to the cloud. Des Moines Parks and Rec staff can log on any time to view stored clips,” says Ruschill.

Baker Group has had a long and successful relationship with the City of Des Moines and has installed security systems and cameras at many of its facilities.

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